A proven track record for the completion and integration of successful acquisitions.

RedHawk Energy Corporation was formed by veteran energy services executives to execute the consolidation, through acquisition, of domestic oil and gas equipment manufacturing and servicing companies. Currently, the domestic energy services and equipment market is highly fragmented with numerous small and specialized companies competing for business from the same drilling, exploration and production companies.

Many of these service companies experienced rapid growth and considerable profitability in recent years, but that growth and profitability has been capped by overspecialization, excessive leverage and a lack of access to capital. Although run in some cases by seasoned managers, these companies sometimes lack executives who have experience to withstand short-term cyclical downturns, as well as devise and implement long-range plans, and execute upon strategic growth initiatives during temporary cyclical slowdowns.

With the long-term cycle for exploration and drilling domestically continuing unabated, we are confident the services and equipment sector will again experience further growth over the long-term. Through acquisition and consolidation of targeted small companies, Redhawk will be positioned to maximize the profit potential of this growth through:

  • Cost savings from shared infrastructure;
  • Access to growth capital;
  • Ability to leverage client relationships into new sales opportunities;
  • Expansion capabilities into other prolific oil and gas exploration regions of the North and South America;
  • Assembling a top-notch executive team;
  • Industry and administrative synergies.